Reinventing the way you drink.
Water Made Simple

Why Hydrologics?

One of a kind! Compact machine with capabilities that can rival its competitors!


Its small, but it packs a punch!
Packing all water related device in your kitchen into a compact size machine no wider than a A5 sized paper.
Inspire Drinking Confidence!
Drink confidently with its built in polypropylene, activated carbon block, nano-filtration filters and a UV disinfection system.
Seriously! Place It Anywhere!
When we say you can place it anywhere you want, we mean it. Office, Bedroom, Livingroom, the list goes on and on.
Warm? Hot? Boiling? You Decide!
Early Morning coffee, Afternoon tea and anything in between. Drink up, drink healthy!
Worry No More !
Certified and conform to international electrical standards as well as Singapore Safety Mark and Malaysian SIRIM Specifications!